Nostalgia Electrics RCM-605 Cotton Candy Machine

Nostalgia Electrics RCM-605 Retro Cotton Candy MachineThis counter top retro cotton candy machine is a highly rated unit which is both affordable and durable.

Key features of the Nostalgia Electrics RCM-605:

Spins sugar into cotton candy in minutes
Includes two reusable cotton candy cones
Includes a starter packet of cotton candy mix

For a cotton candy machine that costs about $50, this is an ideal machine for use at home or to be given as a gift.

Those interested in purchasing the RCM-605 cotton candy machine may want to view this owners manual to learn more about this machine and its many features.

One thought on “Nostalgia Electrics RCM-605 Cotton Candy Machine

  1. Jesse

    Actually this is a good machine for the price. The only thing is that it could include more sugar, dye and cones. I would recommend getting some extra if this is your first machine.


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