Kids’ Party Planning and Equipment Help

Planning a party for a child is no easy task, especially if this is the first “real” party you are planning. Besides getting the invitation stationary and sending the invites out to those that will be attending the party, there is so much more to do as far as planning goes. Below you will find some general information that will help you to plan a kids’ party with the right food, equipment and supplies.


Sending out invitations is almost a requirement for any child’s party. Besides setting the date and time, invitations also allow parents to require a RSVP (request a response) from those children which will be attending the party. The RSVP is important so that the hosts can plan seating, food servings and the activities which will be required at the party. Additionally, the invitations may also request those attending to disclose any food allergies so that the hosts of the party can better plan a safe event for everyone.

Seating and Tables

Although children don’t do a lot of sitting at parties, they will sit when it is time to eat food. Parents attending the party will most likely sit while the children are busy playing or participating in fun activities. It is important that you have enough seating and tables to accommodate everyone at the party. When setting up the seating arrangement for parents, be mindful of the fact that they will want to keep an eye on their children throughout the party.

Keeping the Party Area Clean

One often overlooked issue at parties is having plenty of nearby garbage cans. Strategically located garbage cans will encourage people to discard their trash. Therefore, it is important to have garbage cans in areas that children and parents can easily dispose of used bottles, paper plates, plastic silverware and other items. Especially when it is time to cleanup, it makes it much easier on the hosts when these small items are already disposed of by those that have attended the party.


When it comes to a child’s party, food is an important topic. Most children absolutely love pizza and getting it delivered is especially convenient for parents that have other things to do. However, not all children like pizza nor do their attending parents. A bucket of chicken, salad and chips are always a good alternative option that will allow everyone to eat something that they like. And for the party hosts, these items can be purchased prior to the party and quickly served.


Most children like to drink Kool-Aid and juice boxes. However, some children and adults have allergies to artificial dyes. Because of this, having bottled water on hand is extremely important so that anyone can quench their thirst.


What kid’s party is complete without cake and other treats? Although cake is a common staple at a child’s party, you may want to consider renting or purchasing a cotton candy machine so that children can make their own cotton candy. If there are a lot of children attending the party, making cotton candy for so many children would be time consuming. However, kids really do enjoy making their own cotton candy and it’s an activity that is fun for parents to watch too.

Opening Gifts

Whether it’s a small or large party, it is a good idea to have a table dedicated to gifts. When parents arrive to the party with their children, they can simply place their gifts on the table to be opened later. And when it is time to open the gifts, keep the celebrated boy or girl near the table so that everyone can have an unobstructed view of him or her opening each present. By keeping other children away from this location, parents can also easily film or photograph the child as he or she opens each gift.


Children love to stay busy doing fun things, even if it’s not at a party. One of the most popular activities at a child’s party includes the use of a bounce house. These outdoor inflatable toys keep kids jumping and laughing for hours on end. Bounce houses can be rented by the hour and some rental companies also will rent a supervising attendant as well. Other fun activities include hiding prizes for a treasure hunt and having a rented mascot or parent dressed up in a costume interact with children. Magicians, clowns and other professional entertainers are always a big hit with children too. Inexpensive activities which are fun include simple crafts that children can make, games with prizes such as guess how many jelly beans are in the jar and much more.

Parting Gifts

Especially for toddlers, parting treat or gift bags are nice ways to send each guest home with something fun to play with or to snack on. It’s always nice to put a little note in the bag thanking everyone for coming over to the party.


The party equipment and planning tips on this page will help you to think a little more about what your child would like at his or her party. But one thing we can’t help you with is the cleanup. Whether you will be having ten or twenty kids attending your party, the difference in cleanup is similar to an F1 or F5 tornado! Yes, children are indeed messy and it is a lot of work for parents to throw a party. Comparing the amount of cleanup to the Fujitsu scale is a bit extreme, although not too far off. But with the right planning, equipment and supplies, your child and his or her friends will have an awesome time!

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